Infrared Thermometer

  • 【Brief】:


    1.Read out in 1s with 1 button;
    2.Body Temperature with Forehead mode;
    3.Powered with 3*AAA batteries;
    4.Automatic power off in 15s;
    5.Accuracy is ±0.2℃;
    6.Measurement range: 32.0℃~42.5℃ =(89.9F~108.5F);
    7.32 Memory Recall;
    8.Fahrenheit & Celsius Unit switchable;

  • 【Series】:Brushless motor control board


The thermometer consists of a housing, an LCD screen, a sensor and a control circuit.

How to use:

Infrared forehead thermometers have high requirements on the surrounding environment. The correct method of use is the key to accurate testing.
(1)This product is an infrared forehead thermometer that professionally measures the temperature of the human body. According to the difference of human skin, the measured temperature will be different.
(2) When the room temperature changes greatly, the infrared frontal thermometer should be placed in the room for 20 minutes before use.
(3) When the person to be measured comes from a place with a large difference in temperature from the measurement environment, they should stay in the test environment for at least 5 minutes, and wait until
the temperature is consistent with the environment before measuring.
(4) The environment around the person to be tested must be stable. Do not test in places with large air flow such as fans and air outlets of air conditioners.

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