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Structure and characteristics of brushless motor control board

Time:2018/7/23Posted:Shenzhen Pointer Technology Co., Ltd

The structure of the brushless motor control board:

The brushless motor control board is mainly composed of MCU main control circuit, power pipe front stage drive circuit, electronic commutator, Holzer signal detection circuit, transfer signal circuit, under current detection circuit, current limiting / overcurrent detection circuit, brake signal circuit, speed limit circuit, power circuit and so on.

The features of brushless motor control board:

(1) Brushless motor control board can operate independently, and the peripheral circuit is simple.

(2) Brushless motor control board with commutation PLC, can effectively suppress the PWM peak noise signal.

(3) The starting and stopping of the motor can be completed by the power supply of the circuit, and the starting timing sequence is completed by two capacitors.

(4) simple variable speed control can be carried out. All important currents are determined by a separate external resistor. The setting is relatively simple.

(5) brushless motor control board adopts a new back EMF commutation technology, which can provide the minimum non jitter torque and can control the maximum efficiency.

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