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What should we pay attention to when the brushless motor control boarad is used?

Time:2018/7/23Posted:Shenzhen Pointer Technology Co., Ltd

1. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to use metal objects to contact the internal components of the device.

2. The resistance of the brushless motor control board is 4.7K--10K.

3, when using an oscilloscope to check, please pay attention to the power supply of the oscillograph.

4. The potentiometer on the brushless motor control panel is adjusted correctly when leaving factory, and it should not be adjusted easily.

5. Follow the instructions carefully and check the wiring of the brushless motor control panel. You can't mistake it so as not to damage the device.

The above is the matters needing attention when the brushless motor control board is used. At present, the brushless motor control board has been widely used in automobile, tool, industrial industrial control, automation and aerospace industry. It can also replace DC motor speed control, frequency converter + variable frequency motor speed regulation, asynchronous motor + speed reducer.

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